In a highly competitive market, New Zealand’s largest Kiwi-owned ISP asked us to completely reinvent their online path to purchase, and position their brand as the industry leader for digital experiences.


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Designing the Online Journey

Choosing an internet plan involves inevitable options and choices. With a target market that includes a good portion of middle New Zealand, Slingshot needed an experience that was as straightforward and accessible as possible.

We helped simplify a complex offering by focusing the design process on the needs of the end user. By chunking complex questionnaires into a series of manageable steps we made signing up to Slingshot convenient and easy.

Slingshot Website

Winner of IMA
Best in Class Award for the
Telecommunications category

Telco Integration

Telco software is notorious for its complexity. Our development team partnered with their counterparts at Slingshot to design smart, simple integrations of front-end web interface with back-end business services

Analysis and Optimisation

Optimisation is key to ongoing growth in online sales for Slingshot. Our sophisticated, ongoing conversion rate optimisation, testing and refinement continue to improve Slingshot's signup experience – and business results – by as much as 9% per month.

Slingshot Website

Optimisation of up to
9% per month.


Mobile-ready from the get-go, Slingshot’s website leapfrogged more established competitors who hadn’t yet prepared for the mobile era. Signups by smartphone now account for a substantial portion of total new business for Slingshot

Slingshot Website

Social Content and SEO

For telcos, churn is a constant battle. So to build brand loyalty and reduce the fall out we partner with Slingshot to produce digital content and experiences that inform and entertain existing customer on social media and email. An ongoing service that includes search optimisation, social strategy and EDM content and design make us a true digital partner for New Zealand’s most popular ISP

Slingshot Website


TVNZ Marketing Award 2015 - Consumer Insight