As capacity grows from 14 to 44m passengers per year, how can media and technology help create an airport experience that is friendly, efficient and uniquely New Zealand?



Conventional wisdom states that everything about flying is exciting - except the part before you fly. Auckland Airport wanted to change that, and came to us with the challenge to deliver a technologically integrated airport experience with tangible value to passengers. Key deliverables for this project included integration with travel organiser TripIt, the world’s highest-rated travel-organising app.

Packed with Features

We proposed a complete overhaul of Auckland Airport’s existing (iPhone-only) app to empower travellers to plan their journey in one place for the first time ever. Our reboot featured an expanded range of flight information including the live status of every flight to and from Auckland, booking functionality for the carpark or Super Shuttle airport transfer, and live notifications of when to leave home to catch a flight, taking into account real-time flight information and traffic congestion. Forward thinking travellers can also access the latest information on the exchange rate, weather and local time at their destination, or do a spot of Duty Free shopping til the app alerts them it’s time to head out.

Taking the guesswork
out of travel

Smart alerts guide the traveller at each step of their journey, from leaving home to boarding their aircraft.


Dynamic Data Integration

An airport is an aggregator of services, from car parking to shuttle transport. We worked with a variety of third-party providers to integrate APIs that made the complete journey convenient and hassle-free, and we combined these services into a simple, consistent interface that people love to use.

Accessible and Available

With a forward-thinking roadmap of constant innovation, Auckland Airport needed the ability to iterate and improve on the app in market. We launched for iPhone and Android within a few weeks of each other, and continue to maintain app code that overlaps for ease of updates and excellent cost efficiencies.