What we do

Gladeye is the creative agency for a connected world.
Beyond marketing and communications, we help businesses evolve and grow in the new digital landscape.

Creative Development

Digital innovation takes a variety of skills and experience. We work with ideas at the cutting edge of what’s possible by encouraging creative thinking and open dialogue between art and technology departments.

Experience Design

We deliver elegant, intuitive apps and interfaces by centring the design process on the goals of the end user. This focus begins at the earliest planning phase and continues through production, testing and optimisation – because design is not a stage, it's everything we do.

Technology & Code

Technology underpins everything we do. It’s a crucial part of our design process, allowing us to move swiftly from conception to working prototypes and enabling us to deliver inventive solutions to business problems.

Art & Motion Design

We craft digital experiences with character and charm. We're fanatical about the details and we pay special attention to the emotional response our work evokes in the end user.

Copywriting & Content

From social media to succinct calls to action, digital demands enormous versatility from copywriters. Ours work side-by-side with designers, in many cases creating dynamic, personalised messages for highly targeted audiences.

Strategy & Planning

We find opportunities for growth through technology and design. Our recommendations are backed by the internal capability to take digital ideas from concept to reality.

Data & Analytics

Data is an engine of modern business. We treat analytics as an ongoing process to make things better, because as digital culture evolves, understanding how people interact with our work is essential to delivering continued innovation.


Our experience producing effective, large scale digital projects gives our clients the confidence to innovate. With few exceptions, everything we launch is built here. At Gladeye you'll work directly with the producers responsible for your project, and we’ll never just hand over but will continue to optimise and support.

Client Service

The digital world can be complex. We’re serious about offering the right suite of services to our clients. Our process can accommodate a variety of models – we’ll usually work directly with brand stakeholders, but also as a production partner alongside creative agencies.


Brand Development

Shaping brand expressions for digital spaces


Online retail, social selling and transactional platforms


Community management, campaigns and social app design


Creative and execution of multi-channel digital campaigns

Digital Platforms

Connected communities, digital services and tools that promote loyalty

Content Creation

Copywriting, photography, illustration, data viz, video, animation

Website Design

Responsive web design for desktop, mobile and tablet / CMS / SEO

Brand Amplification

Content development and placement for lead generation and SEO

Production Partner

Partnering with creative agencies to execute complex digital projects


Mobile apps, websites, location services and advertising

Game Design

Social, mobile, web and real-world games for brand engagement


Digital strategy and product innovation

Retail and Sales

Integrated in-store experiences and mobile sales tools